BCW & TD Section

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# No. Name of Staff/ officers Designation
1 Abhijit Dey Inspector BCW
2 Nikhil Das Dhaki


The main functions of the Department are:

  • Promotion and implementation of educational schemes including training for enhancement of capabilities in them
  • Issuance of caste certificates and enforcement of reservation rules in services, posts and educational institutions
  • Implementation of schemes including income generation schemes for economic upliftment
  • Strengthening of infrastructure and creation of community assets for integrated development of the backward classes.
  • Social and cultural development of the backward classes.


Major Schemes:

  1. Caste Certificate     To apply Click here
  2. Sikshashree for the SC & ST students studying in class V to VIII
  3. Medashree for the OBC students studying in Class V to VIII
  4. OASIS scholarship for the students of SC & ST studying in class IX to X for the SC, ST & OBC students studying XI onwards. Click here to apply.
  5. Saboojsathi.
  6. Taposili Bandhu(For SC) & Jai Johar(For ST) Pension Scheme.
  7. Inter Caste Marriage Grant. Click here to apply.