Block Sericulture Office

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1 Kajal Mukhopadhyay Extension Officer
2 Bikash Ghosh Demonstrator
3 Suman Mondal Mali
4 Dhanu Kisku Resham Karmi

Activities of Sericulture Directorate

  1. Sericulture plays an important role in rural development by providing gainful employment to the rural people.
  2. Production and supply of silkworm seed, planting materials etc. and providing technical guidance to the farmers
  3. Emphasis has been given for improvement of productivity by introduction of disease resistant high productive parental and hybrid variety of silkworm.
  4. Implementation of different scheme for development of sericulture industry.
  5. Imparting different training for the skill development of sericulturist.

Major Ongoing Schemes for the Development of Sericulture

  1. Assistance for construction of rearing house and Chawki Rearing Centre.
  2. Supply of rearing appliances to farmers.
  3. Assistance for irrigation and water conservation.
  4. Assistance to Registered Seed Producer for construction of grain age building and procurement of grain age equipment.
  5. Support for the establishment of Multi End Reeling Unit (10 basins)
  6. Support for motorized charkha to dissuade child labour.
  7. Support for setting up of hot air drier.
  8. Providing services of master reelers etc.