NRLM Section

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Sl. No. Name of Officer/Staff Designation
1 Sisir Dutta Co Operative Inspector
2 Sumit Roy Rhowdhury BTC, NRLM
3 Mojammel Hoque Cluster Co-Ordinator 
4 Nazma Begam DEO, NRLM
5 Baha Murmu DRW


  • National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) (
  • National Rural Economic Transformation Project (NRETP)


i) Minimum and Maximum age group : 18 & above
ii) Minimum qualification : Not Applicable
iii) Annual income ceiling in Rs. : Not Applicable
iv) No. of Members : At least 10 Female Members can form a Group
v) Category (SC/ST/OBC/Minority) : All Category


The Self Help Group (SHG) development strategy is a community owned and managed poverty alleviation program designed to empower the poor in general and the poor women in particular.


  • Improved savings habit.
  • Enhanced access to loan.
  • Wider opportunity to involve in different kinds of individual and group Income Generation Activities.
  • Improved decision making power of Women SHG members at household.
  • Increase in knowledge and skills and improved household consumption.
  • Social cohesion created due to group interaction and mutual support among SHG members are also found to be valuable gains of involvement in SHGs.
Sl. No. Indicators of achievement Numbers/ Amount (Rs.)
1 Number of Sangha Samabay Samities under Block 12
2 Number of SHG Producer Groups formed 5
3 Number of Upa Sangha under Block 160
4 Number of Self Help Groups (SHGs) since inception 4278
5 Number of house hold covered with SHG members since inception 44035
6 Number of SC house hold covered with SHG members since inception 10854
7 Number of ST house hold covered with SHG members since inception 522
8 Number of Minority house hold covered with SHG members since inception 23106
9 Number of SHGs supported with Revolving Fund (One time Govt. Grant of Rs. 15000 to newly formed SHGs) since inception 3975
10 Amount of Revolving Fund disbursed since inception Rs.5.97 crore
11 Number of SHGs Credit Linked at different Bank Branches in FY 2022-23
12 Amount of Bank Loan disbursed to SHGs in FY 2022-23 Rs. 35.64 crore
13 Amount of Bank Loan Outstanding at SHG level in FY 2022-23 Rs. 31.87 crore
14 Number of SHG members with Special Ability since inception 380
15 Number of SHGs supported with Community Investment Fund for the growth of business activities since inception 1055
16 Amount of Community Investment Fund disbursed since inception Rs. 7.66 crore
17 Number of Business Enterprises supported with Community Enterprise Fund in FY 2022-23 153
18 No. of Business Development Service Providers 12
19 Amount of Community Enterprise Fund disbursed in FY 2022-23 Rs. 50 lakh


  • At least 10 female members of different household residing in geographical proximity may form an SHG.
  • They should assemble together and resolve to adopt the principles of Panchasutra i.e. Regular Meeting, Regular Savings, Regular inter-lending, Regular Repayment & Regular Up-dation of Book of Accounts and maintain a dedicated bank account for their SHG activity. They would also select a Sabhanetri (SHG Leader) and a Sampadika (Secretary) in its 1st meeting, in presence of the Community Service Provider (CSP).
  • The Newly formed SHG will fill up the SHG‘s account opening form and with a copy of their 1st resolution and other KYC documents will approach their local bank for opening of their account within one week from the date of first meeting.
  • After opening of account, the SHG’s profile will be submitted to Sangha Samabay (Cluster Level Federation at G.P level or CLF) for submission to Block Mission Management Unit (BMMU) for inclusion of the SHG in NRLM portal and generation of SHG ID.
  • After their account is opened, they will contribute to form their group corpus fund as decided in the 1st meeting and subsequently proceed to become a member of the Sangha Samabay (CLF) by purchasing a share of Rs.100.


  • After Generation of NRLM ID and on passing of 3 months SHG self-assessment will be done by CSP and on satisfactory performance, the SHG will be recommended for Revolving Fund of Rs.15000 to the BMMU.
  • After six months SHG will participate in their 1st Grading to be done by BMMU, CLF and Bank Manager (where their Account is maintained). On getting 80% marks, they can open their Cash Credit account (C.C Account) of a limit of Rs.1.5 lakhs.
  • Upon opening of CC Account, SHG may take loan from bank as financial assistance to their livelihood activities.
  • SHG will also be imparted with Micro Investment Plan training (MIP) after which SHG can avail loan from Sangha Samabay’s Community Investment fund (CIF) @ Rs. 1,50,000.
  • On completion of one year, SHG will undergo 2nd Grading, which is to be done by Block Mission Management Unit, Cluster Level Federation & Bank Manager and on getting 80% marks, they may enhance their C.C limit to 2.5 Lakhs. The SHG will undergo grading after each six months in order to enhance their C.C limit and shall also submit Micro Credit Plan (MCP) each time they apply for Loan. The maximum C.C limit is Rs.6 lakhs.
  • Vulnerability Reduction Fund (VRF) may also be availed by the SHG for betterment of livelihood.